Community Usage Guidelines

 ADP provides The Bridge online community (“The Bridge” or the “Community”) as a service to its members and clients to help them ask payroll, HR, tax and compliance-related questions of each other, stay informed of HMRC updates, exchange tips and ideas with peers, and learn from industry and subject matter experts. Additional areas associated with Human Capital Management (HCM) will feature on The Bridge. The Bridge is here for the enjoyment and benefit of all members and is accessible to ADP Clients who register.

 The Bridge is most valuable when everyone follows certain guidelines for online behavior. These guidelines are provided so that you know what is expected of you and what you can expect from other participants when using The Bridge.

 Rules of Engagement

  • Show respect for others. Everyone wants to have a positive experience while in The Bridge. Maintain a helpful, respectful tone when posting. Opinions are welcome, but they may not escalate into personal attacks, harassment (flaming), or rudeness against other community members, moderators, ADP, its employees, or any other party.
  • Write what you know.
  • Keep it topical.
  • Keep it inclusive. The Bridge members are from many different cultures and religions and observe a kaleidoscope of holidays and events. Keep questions and posts related to the business of human capital management, and avoid posts related to religious or cultural observances in the broader forum or in your status updates. You are welcome to share greetings and private conversations directly with other members via direct messages.
  • Be careful.
  • Search before you post.
  • Report abuse.

A Few Reminders

The Bridge is not an official ADP service or technical support channel. While ADP employees may participate, they are not first line responders. They will help provide an answer to a question only if the Community cannot provide an answer within a certain time frame after the question is initially posted. For official support, please contact your ADP Client Services team through regular channels.

ADP employees are bound by ADP’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, ADP’s Global Privacy Policy, and ADP’s Social Media Policy. You can identify any user by hovering over their avatar to reveal a snapshot of their profile. ADP employees have ADP listed as their company name.

Additionally, ADP reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to:

  • Edit and/or remove any post containing or linking to material in violation of the Terms of Use
  • Terminate the membership of any member who violates the Terms of Use
  • Designate certain members as a Community Moderator, or other valued members of The Bridge. This designation does not create an employee or agency relationship between ADP and this member, nor does it make this member an ADP spokesperson. Instead, the designation allows the Community to know which members have been helpful, have provided constructive advice and have set a positive example and tone for the Community. Like any information posted on The Bridge, the opinions and advice provided by these members are their own. This content is the sole responsibility of the Community Moderator or other valued member posting that content, and anything stated in the Community Usage Guidelines applies to the content posted by these members.
  • Update these guidelines as the community evolves.

Finally, the opinions expressed on The Bridge Community site are not those of ADP, and we make no representations or warranties about the accuracy of any information on the site.

Need Help?

  • Post your questions, comments, or help requests pertaining to an ADP product or service to the group or space designated for that product or service.
  • For questions about a specific Community feature or function, browse or search  The Bridge Help